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Free Webinars


Introduction to Winning Work in Harrow:

  • 29th September at 9.30am

  • 8th October at 10am

  • 27th October at 4pm

Getting Shortlisted to Tender:

  • New dates coming soon

Send Me A Proposal:

  • 20th October at 3pm

Other dates coming - get in touch for updates.

“I feel at present there are a number of businesses struggling, that have valuable expertise and fantastic services to offer. This workshop will help them to get started. “

Dipa Kotak, Prosperity Business Solutions


The Ready to Supply programme helps businesses in Harrow prepare to win work with the Council, and other public sector organisations like schools, colleges and hospitals. 

Free of charge workshops, webinars and one-to-one support sessions can help your business:

  • find out where opportunities are advertised

  • understand the process for winning work

  • prepare the information you need to submit proposals and bids

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“Everything went smoothly, the facilitator spoke clearly, didn't use any unnecessary jargon (always a relief!) and was knowledgeable. She gave us a lot of useful, relevant information and explained things clearly. I highly recommend attending."

Christine Williams, Totally Lifestyle

This initiative is provided by Harrow Council, as part of wider business support programme: https://www.harrow.gov.uk/business/accelerate-business-free-support